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Our Values


We love people where and as they are. We model Jesus’ love and forgiveness, and we welcome everyone. Everyone is worthy of care and attention. Everyone matters. Everyone belongs. 


We meet suffering with kindness and compassion. We shine the light and love of Jesus as we walk alongside each other during seasons of brokenness. 


We challenge the status quo. We take bold steps. We embrace and drive change. We learn from our mistakes and we never give up on anyone. 


We are positive, grateful, and joyful. We have fun. We laugh. We lift each other up.


We work with others that are great at what they do for the Kingdom. We are the body of Jesus Christ.


We believe God is the author, source, and standard of all truth; the Word of God is eternal truth. To know Jesus is to know the truth, and the truth sets us free: free to love and be loved and to build real and honest relationships with God and others. 

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